Craving Savings?

Craving Savings?

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As we have completed the first two months of the New Year, we look back on what good habits we practiced last year. It’s not often that we can say that savings is at the top of our list, but it should always be a habit that we practice. Saving money is important and can be a long-term beneficial practice as it plays a significant role in creating a healthy and stable future. Unfortunately, it may be a very hard habit to practice due to the economic and sometimes unexpected challenges we face. It may also be difficult because we often fail to control our bad spending habits and we may not have the proper guidance from our financial institutions. Economic crises can ruin our finances if we do not practice the art of saving. Proper saving enables us to make wiser purchasing decisions and it encourages us to consider the dynamics and reasoning in spending on something. Although it has been proven to be easier to spend money rather than save it, there are several practical ways to save.


savings, international banking

Savings can start from the traditional “piggy-bank”, to money in a jar, to opening a savings account. Some people save strictly for emergencies or towards a personal initiative such as travelling, buying a vehicle, buying a house etc. To save more money regularly, drafting a budget can also be very helpful so the income and the necessary expenditure are determined first and evaluated thereafter. From there forward, you can determine how to reduce your spending and increase your income; this will help in curbing bad spending habits and building capital.


savings, international banking

As one of the leading financial institutions in Belize, not only do we offer Savings Accounts to our customers, but we also encourage them and the public to take their saving practice to a higher level with us.  At Atlantic International Bank, we do all we can to ensure our customers not only feel safe banking with us, but also that they trust our service offerings. Our customers have access to a wide range of services with the most popular being a Saving Account – whether it be a Regular Savings or Super Savings account. With any of these accounts, you will be able to not only save, but also expand your saving in a short time span with our competitive interest rates.



Regular Savings:

–          A regular savings account requires a standing balance of $500 USD or more by the end of every quarter in order to gain interest.

–          Once maintained well, customers are entitled an annual interest of 2.25% paid quarterly.

–          Interest is earned on the running balance of the account.


Super Savings:

–          For a super savings account, a balance of $25,000 USD or more should be maintained throughout the entire fiscal year in order to gain maximum interest.

–          Interest is calculated on the monthly balance at a rate of 3%.


Facts on Savings Accounts:

–          The more you save, the more interest you accumulate.

–          There are no maintenance or penalty fees.

–          Inactive savings accounts are charged $2.00 USD for every month that they remain inactive.

Atlantic International Bank Limited also has a Tag-Along Banking Program whereby current customers refer new customers to bank with us.

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