Thank You Teachers!

Thank You Teachers!

Thank a Teacher Day

Teachers in Belize
Thank You Teachers

Teachers Day or “Thank a Teacher Day”  began only as a day, then a week, and has now become a month of appreciation and gratitude. Therefore, they should be appreciated all year round; their responsibilities are never-ending. Some of us have been fortunate to have teachers who not only go above and beyond for us and for our children, but who also teach us more than the average.


So let’s get this out in the open and do our part to change it. Teachers should be among the most respected people in society and often don’t receive the deserved recognition. They are seldom shown gratitude for their educational qualifications, experience, and initiatives. Nevertheless, most of us think their work ends at the ring of a school – bell; not exactly. Therefore, our misconception of their lengthy holidays and early end to a work day are falsely envied.  

Teachers spend a lot of time preparing lesson plans, grading papers, finding new ways to engage their classes and the list goes on. These responsibilities and many more take up time outside their class schedules and often run into weekends, holidays and long nights.So, when our children are on break, their teachers are preparing for each new semester or school year, facing performance appraisals and mentally challenging themselves to improve each time. 


Teachers face a lot of pressure from all corners of their position – fellow colleagues, principals, children and parents. They are under constant scrutiny from everyone and always have to remain mindful of their impressions and practice self-control. Hence,  let’s honor them as super humans – after all, they come pretty close!

As parents and parts of society, we should help teachers as much as we can. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


How can we contribute to helping teachers?


With their challenging jobs, we can help make their roles a bit easier by:

  • Teaching our children to respect their teachers
  • Showing appreciation in different ways
  • Making an extra effort to attend all parent-teacher meetings
  • Thanking a Teacher
  • Staying in good communication with them

Special Recognition


In celebration of our teachers, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to:

Mrs. Hortence Wade

Ms. Julia Moore

Ms. Fidelia Cuellar

Ms. Martin

Ms. Lauren Zuniga

Ms. Ruth Maine-Castillo


Thank you for thinking outside the box, going the extra mile, and spending your days and nights helping ALL your students in any and every way possible.

Thank you for all that you do; you help shape our future and the future of our children for the better.


Happy Teacher’s Day!


If you want to give your teacher a token of appreciation, here is a link for some cool ideas:

101 Teacher Appreciation Ideas 



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