2019 CEO Outlook

2019 CEO Outlook

At the close of 2018, this annual outlook is reflective of the year’s events as it relates to accomplishments, continued strides towards excellence, challenges, and maintaining a strong and substantial forefront within the banking industry.  

Here are a few highlights of 2018’s achievements:

  • A fully functioning Human Resource Department;
  • Stronger relations and partnership with our correspondent banks;
  • Progress in re-branding the bank;
  • Obtained a new correspondent bank; and
  • The addition of a Sales function to the Marketing Department.     


The bank continues to deliver on its promise and prides itself in being open to improvements.  As we move into 2019, the strategic direction of the bank remains on the right path. We continue with an upward trend, where we recorded another profitable year, as 2018’s profits increased some 31% from the year 2017.  The growth continues, undeterred by the challenges faced, such as the ongoing litigation with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States, where AIBL has denied any allegation of wrongdoing. We remain confident that this ordeal will pass and we will prevail.
AIBL is known for and has been awarded as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in Central America and the Caribbean, and we aim to keep that spirit, work culture and environment in the years ahead.

As we embrace 2019 with positivity and optimism, we remain focused on fulfilling what the bank and its staff have set out to do.   Here are some of the upcoming projects for the bank:

  • Relocation to our permanent home;
  • Successful re-brand of the bank;
  • Improve and increase Customer Satisfaction Index; and
  • Functional Risk Management Department (By year’s end)

In an effort to achieve the goals we have set out, we continue the practice of our values, which are: Respect, Teamwork, Commitment, Integrity, Continuous Improvement, Fostering National & Community Development, and Leadership at all levels.  We plan to participate and be physically involved, even more so than before, in community outreach programs as we work towards accomplishing the 2019’s strategic goals, which is of major importance to the AIBL family.

Atlantic International Bank Ltd. extends its heartfelt appreciation to you for your continued support and dedication as we continue to be a great bank and trusted partner.  Different from the ordinary, let us go into 2019 with great excitement, hunger, and the drive to accomplish much more.