Consejo Shores Golf Tournament 2019

Consejo Shores Golf Tournament 2019

Where is Consejo Shores?

Consejo Shores is a beautiful residential development located in Corozal District – the most Northern part of Belize. The area was founded over 45 years ago by a Canadian land surveyor and developer named Bill Wildman. Since then, Consejo Shores has been known as a retirement destination for foreign retirees. The community has grown over the years and boasts its welcoming inhabitants and its tranquil and safe environment.

The “Just-For-Fun” Golf Tournament

For the past 14 years, Consejo Shores has hosted an annual Golf Tournament “Just-For-Fun Golf Tournament”, where most foreigners take part in the tournament. However, the tournament’s goal is to serve as a fundraiser to give back to the local community. According to Ms. Denise Fillmore, Tournament Coordinator and Sponsorship Director, a portion of the proceeds is donated to local charities in the community. Some of these charities include the local soup kitchen, Corozal Red Cross, school feeding programs, and the beautification of Corozal Town. At Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL), we value community development, therefore, it was easy for us to partner with Friends of Golf along with Atlantic International Corporate Services Limited (AICSL).

Our Experience

At the golf tournament, the people received us with open arms and a warm welcome. The pleasant ambiance made us feel right at home and made it easy for us to blend in with them. Ms. Fillmore took care of the accommodations that included a table to display our banking information and some snacks and refreshments. After settling in, we took a look at the golfers and thought to ourselves, “We should give this a try”. So, we took a few swings and even got some great pictures to share our experience.


Apart from us, another one of our local insurance companies showcased their products and services to the community. Surprisingly, there were also a host of retirees selling their crafts and the proceeds from their sales were being donated to the community. Collectively, AIBL and AICSL got the opportunity to not only bring awareness but also to give back to the community in our own way. It was exceptional to see that the organizers, retirees and some locals have the same vision as we do.


We got some great questions from attendees about banking with us and also being a part of the QRP Program with AICSL. After the tournament and wrapping up our conversations, we had lunch from the well-known “Miss Deb’s Food Truck”. The delicious burgers and chili fries were worth the wait. We listened in on auctions and raffles and surprisingly, we won two great prizes.


So, we walked away with the experience and prizes to bring back to the office. Can’t get better than that right? We definitely hope to attend next year and the years after that. The experience was great and we were able to achieve far more than what we anticipated. Until next time, we will be working on our swing!


Check out this link from the event with pictures of the experience!


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