AIBL Investments

AIBL Investment

At Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) we are committed to developing our ‘Corporate Responsibility’ principles and activities. We firmly believe that we make our greatest contribution to society by being good at what we do, and doing it in a responsible way – responsible lending and financing of sustainable development projects and providing products and services that help customers realize their financial goals, that drive economic growth, and that sustain a healthy financial system.

In accordance with our Mission, AIBL supports projects that: address existing problems and challenges, add value to society, apply relevant and internationally accepted best practices and are financially sustainable.

We provide a variety of products and services to a broad portfolio of clients, that include public and private sectors of the economy, and aim to ensure that our investments contribute to the sustainable economic growth and social development of Belize. We also invest in technology to provide solutions that are user friendly, secure and deliver real time results. At the end of the day our products and services give businesses the support they need to grow and help people manage their everyday lives more efficiently.