Application Forms

Application Forms

To apply for any of our accounts we kindly ask you take a look at this list of requirements before filling out the application form to ensure that all documents are submitted.

For Corporate Bank Account Applications, detailed information must be submitted on our Anticipated Activity section of the form, revealing the source of the funds that are expected to be deposited monthly/annually into the account.

Additional source of funds and supporting evidence may be requested from the client by our compliance department upon review of the Corporate Bank Account Application.

Upon the receipt of any deposit to your Bank Account, the bank may require that a Declaration of Source of Funds form be completed for review by our compliance department before the funds are credited to the account.

The following form represent an actual application for a Corporate Bank Account with Atlantic International Bank Limited. Please fill out the form accurately and completely. The completed form must then be printed and signed by all the individuals listed. You must then mail or fax the form to the AIBL main office.

The below form need to be completed in order to open a Corporate Bank Account:

Please note that you have the option to email your completed form to an AIBL customer service representative to review before sending in the original document.