Correspondent Bank Account to be Closed




Dear Valued Customer,


As you are probably aware by now, the International Banks in Belize have been experiencing issues with correspondent banking services.  We are taking this opportunity to inform you that Atlantic International Bank Limited is no exception in this regard and, as a result, our correspondent bank account with Bank of America will be closed as of Friday July 31, 2015. Consequently, a few of our banking services such as Wire Transfers, USD Bank Drafts and Foreign Currency will be affected. In order for our customers to experience as little discomfort as possible, we ask that you pay attention to the following:


    1. You may continue to send incoming wire transfers until Thursday July 30, 2015 using the Bank of America wiring instructions. After July 30th, no more wires should be routed through Bank of America.


    1. We will update you in the next few days what options will be available to you for the movement of both incoming and outgoing wires.  Rest assured we are working on several options at the moment and we are very confident that we will have both a temporary and permanent solution to the correspondent banking issue very shortly.


    1. Please also note that we will not be able to facilitate any foreign currency wire transfers or USD Bank Drafts until further notice.


For further information on this matter, kindly contact your usual customer service representative from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused but we ask your understanding as we work through this issue.


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