International Credit Facilities

International Credit Facilities

International Credit Facilities

In today’s world, we understand that the perfect opportunity only comes once in a while. When that opportunity comes your way, we want you to have the funds needed to capture it. With our wide range of credit facilities we are sure that we have a financing option that will suit your needs. Click through the tabs below to view all our credit options. 


If you are planning to retire here in Belize and require additional financing for your retired home or business, then contact us to get advice from our financing team. We are here to assist you in adding value to your investments. Simply establish a relationship with us by opening a personal and/or corporate account and thereafter you will be able to obtain hassle-free financing with AIBL.

We offer small personal loans as well as large loans for projects. All our loans are disbursed in US dollars, however, our clients have the ability to transfer funds to a Belize account to purchase local items if necessary. With an AIBL loan:

  • We offer US Dollar loans at a very competitive interest rate
  • Collateral must be located within the country of Belize
  • Interest is calculated on the reducing balance
  • No penalties on prepayments
  • Financing ratio is 60% – 40%

With personalized solutions and services, we ensure that an AIBL loan is all you will ever need.




Line of Credit

Whether your project is large or small, let AIBL be your choice for financing that project through our line of credit service. This type of service is a form of funding that offers flexibility and revolves for a specific time period that will enable you to finish your project in a timely manner. Have your credit limit restored every time you make a payment back to the principal amount.

With our line of credit:

  • It is used primarily for development projects
  • Funds are disbursed in phases in accordance with a disbursement schedule
  • Interest is calculated on the reducing balance and computed on a monthly basis

An AIBL Line of Credit is the perfect solution for our clients who have an ongoing or large project to complete.



Overdraft Facility

Our overdraft facility is an excellent financing option for business clients who are engaged in large projects and need to fund their cash flow. This type of credit arrangement permits our account holders to use or withdraw more funds than they actually have in their account, without exceeding a specified maximum negative balance.

Key features of this product are:

  • Offered as a source of working capital
  • Interest is calculated on the daily overdrawn balance
  • Funds are easily accessible once within the overdraft limit

Keep building your business in a convenient, hassle free environment where you have easy access to your funds to keep your business running smoothly especially in the seasonal Tourism Industry.



International Credit Cards

Another method in which you can have access to your funds in your account is by having an international gold visa or master credit cards. These cards can be used worldwide at any ATM machine that bears a visa/master card logo. You can conveniently conduct online purchases and cash withdrawals with limited restrictions.  Below are some facts you need to know when applying for a credit card with us.

  • Cash Security requirement is 125% of credit card limit
  • We offer automatic monthly payments of credit card bill
  • The interest rate on the credit card is 1.83% per month, which only applies if full bill is not paid each month
  • All cards are GOLD cards, regardless of the limit
  • The minimum limit allowed is US$1,000.00
  • 100% of limit is available for cash withdrawals (per cycle)
  • You may choose to have your personal name only, Company’s name only, or both appear on the card
  • The yearly Membership fee for the main cardholder is US$100.00
  • The yearly Membership fee for each additional cardholder is US$10.00
  • Additional fees may apply. 

Click below to view and download forms for a credit card.




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