Move 401k and IRA Offshore

With a growing interest from persons wishing to have more control over their retirement funds, Atlantic International Bank Ltd has partnered with Harbor Financial Services to help you with the process of moving your 401K and IRA funds offshore.

The major benefit of moving your retirement fund offshore is that you will have complete control over your funds and open a new world of investment possibilities.

An IRA/401K that has been moved offshore may buy and sell any investment anywhere in the world. Typical investments made in Belize:

  • Real Estate
  • Purchasing a vacation home
  • Investing in a resort
Once the move is complete, you can invest your money as you see fit. We understand the delicate nature of dealing with our customers’ hard earned funds, so we try to make the process as easy and safe as possible. At Atlantic International Bank you can invest wisely and watch your money grow!


 So, how does the process work?


Taking control of your 401k or IRA is easier than you think. With Atlantic International Bank, we can help you to transform your 401k or IRA into a worthwhile investment that you can manage on your own with guaranteed returns of up to 4% interest. Fill out the information below and one of our Customer Care Officers will be more than happy to contact you to give you more information on how this investment option can work for you.


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