Move 401k and IRA Offshore

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Move 401k and IRA Offshore

With a growing interest from persons wishing to have more control over their retirement funds, Atlantic International Bank Ltd has partnered with a financial advisory firm in the United States to help you with the process of moving your 401K and IRA funds offshore.  The major benefit of moving your retirement fund offshore is that you will have complete control over your funds and once moved, a new world of investment possibilities will be at your fingertips.  An IRA/401K that has been moved offshore may buy and sell any investment anywhere in the world.

The process of moving your retirement account offshore is a simple one.   Once you have decided that you want to move your IRA/401K Offshore, we will connect you with a financial advisory and they will assist you with the following:

A financial advisory will roll over your IRA/401K into a Self Directed IRA.

  • The financial advisory firm will form an offshore company that your self-directed IRA will own.
  • After the offshore company is established, the company documents which are created by the financial advisory firm are sent to Belize and we (AIBL) create a corporate account (offshore account) using these company documents.
  • You will then move funds from your existing retirement account in the U.S. to the new Self Directed IRA.  The funds are then forwarded to the corporate account at AIBL.

Once the move is complete, you can invest your money as you see fit. We understand the delicate nature of dealing with our customers’ hard earned funds, so we try to make the process as easy and safe as possible. At Atlantic International Bank you can invest wisely and watch your money grow!

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