Service Fees


List of Services and Fees at AIBL

AIBL provides a variety of useful and convenient services to make your banking experience more efficient and satisfactory. Here is a list of the services we offer with their corresponding fees…

Service Fee US$
On-line Banking FREE!
Incoming Wire Transfer
Kindly note that additional charges may be applied depending on which correspondent bank is used.
Outgoing Wire Transfers $100.00
Amendments to Wire Transfers $100.00
Courier Service (1 way) $50.00
Reference Letter $25.00
Account monthly statement on letterhead (per page) $5.00
Bank Draft (Local) $14.50
Corporate Account Maintenance Fee (Annually) $180.00
Stop Payment $75.00
Debiting Account $10.00
Internal Third Party Transfer $15.00
Transfer from Atlantic International Bank account to Atlantic Bank account $15.00
Cash Withdrawal (Up to $1,500 U.S.) $30.00
Cash Withdrawal (Over $1,500 U.S.) 2%
Token (replacement) $90.00
Confirmation Letter $25.00
Below min. balance fee (corporate accounts only) $50.00
Standing Orders $10.00
Retained Mails $20.00
Close Account Before 3 Months $50.00
Credit card statement FREE
No Charge to open account FREE