Tag Along Banking

Referral Banking

Atlantic International Bank’s  TAG ALONG BANKING is a program carefully crafted by our team to reward you, our loyal customers who continue to refer new clients to open accounts with us.

The program is designed to build strong relationships while providing incentives for recommending Atlantic International Bank Ltd. as the bank of choice for your family, friends and clients. It’s our way of saying Thank You!

I Am Referring

Who can refer?
Any person or business that has an account with Atlantic International Bank can refer new clients through the Tag Along Banking Program.

Who can be referred?
Any non-resident of Belize who currently does not have an account with Atlantic International Bank. These persons will go through the normal vetting process for new account holders.

How does Tag Along Banking work?
In Tag Along Banking, the person referring a new client to AIBL must:

  • Maintain an active account with AIBL,
  • Complete and sign our standard referral, which will be attached to the new application being submitted,
  • The referred account must be approved,
  • Finally, the approved account must be funded.

Upon completion, the person/business who referred the client will then receive an incentive.

What incentives are available for referring a new client through Tag Along Banking?
Those who refer a new client will receive one of the following incentives:

  • Incoming Wire Transfer fees waived
  • Demand Deposit Account yearly maintenance fee waived

Your Customer Care Officer will explain in detail which you qualify for.

Is there a limit as to how many persons I can refer?
No. The program allows for unlimited referrals, so feel free to refer as many friends as you’d like and be rewarded for each.

How will I know if my referral was successful?
Your Customer Care Officer will inform you of the status of your referral and your incentive.

I don’t have an account with Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) and I would like to refer someone. What should I do?
If you do not have an AIBL account you can continue to refer clients to us without any of the above-mentioned incentives or you can choose to open an account with us and after approval sign up for the program.

 I Have Been Referred 

If you have been referred by family, a friend or someone you do business with, all you need to do is follow the 3 short steps mentioned below.

  • Tell us the name of the person or business that referred you to AIBL.
  • Contact your Customer Care Officer to find out about the Tag Along Banking program, the benefits or how you can sign up.
  • Start your own referrals. Once your account has been opened, you too can reap the rewards of the program.

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