Tree Planting At Kingdom Kids Preschool In Lord's Bank

Tree Planting At Kingdom Kids Preschool In Lord’s Bank

Atlantic International Bank is committed to enhancing the community in more ways than one. The bank embraces the need to conserve our environment while educating our youth about the importance of “going green”.

Kingdom Kids Preschool is the only preschool in the small village of Lord’s Bank who caters to pre-kinder and kindergarten children who reside in the area. As a privately owned institution they have embraced the “Go Green” concept by building a small garden on the school compound.

The Atlantic International Bank team thanks the school for the opportunity to plant the first mahogany tree on the school grounds. Since this is our national tree, we hope that it will instill national pride and foster an environment for learning more about preservation of our natural resources.

Together we can plant a healthier tomorrow for Belize.