Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my money is secure?


We have sound banking regulations in place complemented with rigorous regulatory oversight geared towards safeguarding your deposits and maintaining your confidentiality. “Belize was the first country in the Caribbean/Central America that legislated the on-site examination of its international licensees on a regular basis and this is also augmented by monthly and quarterly reporting requirements.

As well, AIBL offers one of the most modern on-line banking systems, which is built on a very secure platform and is also tested regularly to ensure continued safety. With this on-line banking system, you can check your balances and send us secure instructions to move funds on your behalf from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet access.

Do you offer debit cards?

No, we do not offer Debit Cards; but we do offer cash secured International Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards. These cards can be used very similarly to a debit card from the point of view that you can leave instructions with us to debit your account on a monthly basis to cover your charges, thereby, avoiding monthly interest payments. You should also be aware that we have implemented certain safety features on cards we issue with your protection in mind. As a result, we do ask that when you will be traveling to Europe or Asia that you let us know, so that we can assist you in using your card in a secure manner.

Are my deposits insured?

Belize does not provide for deposit insurance at this time. We are however, subject to rigorous regulatory oversight which ensures that the bank is being managed in a prudent manner and that we are not taking any undue risk. For instance, we do not invest in risky exotic instruments preferring instead to concentrate on basic products where we have developed expertise and experience.

How long does it take to open an account?

From the point when all required documents are received, it takes three days to open an account; however it could vary depending on various factors. We are committed to providing superior customer service and you can rest assured that your account will be opened in the shortest time possible.

How do I access my funds?

You don’t have to visit Belize to open an account nor  carry out banking activities. All your banking activities can be carried out via our on-line banking system, e-mail, air-mail or fax. Furthermore, we offer full credit card services and allow you easy and direct access to your funds at all times via free real time online banking services. We encourage you to visit any one of our offices for a direct relationship that will be just as beneficial.

Do I have to pay income tax on income I've earned offshore?

There are no withholding taxes on the income you earn from banking with us. However, like any other savvy investor it is important for you to be familiar with the reporting requirements of your domicile country so as to ensure that you are well informed when making your investment decisions.

How much does the AIBL online banking cost?

AIBL online banking is free of cost.

What is the minimum balance required to be kept in a Corporate DDA acccount?

The minimum balance for a Corporate DDA saving account is US$1,000.00. Should your account balance falls below the minimum balance of US$ 1,000.00 a fee of US$ 50.00 is charged each month for as long as the balance remains below the required amount.

What is the minimum balance required to be kept in a Personal Savings account?

There is no minimum balance requirement and thus no “below minimum balance” penalties. However, if the minimum balance is below US$500.00, no interest payment is made.

Do I need to appear personally in Belize to open a bank account or establish an IBC, or can everything be done via airmail and/or E-mail?

Customers have the convenience to open accounts via airmail and/or E-mail.

Can I deposit currencies other than USD to my AIBL account?

Cash deposits made to the account must be in US Dollars. Customers may wire funds to their AIBL account in any major foreign currency, however, the funds will be converted to US dollars.

Can I deposit checks in currencies other than USD?

At this time, we are currently not accepting deposit checks.